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A Practical Kamitic Path for Obtaining Power 

When Derric Moore (also known as Rau Khu) became deathly ill due to the debilitating disease lupus. The last thing he wanted to do, was commit him self to some limited dogmatic belief system that encouraged him to accept his fate, as being a "part of God's Will." He needed POWER and he needed it fast! So he appealed to God, his spirit guides and guardian spirits for help. In return they gave him Kamta, a practical spiritual system based upon Kamitic (ancient Egyptian) theology and Afrospiritual thoughts and practices, which he used to improve his life. 

Here in the first practical guide that approaches Kamitic philosophy from a shamanistic perspective, you'll learn how to: 

- Get into the Presence of God
- Effectively pray and get your prayers answered
- Heal your body and your relationships
- Interpret and change your dreams
- Foretell the future through divination
- Build sacred space for your guardian spirits and spirit guides
- And, much, much more.

Paperback: 148 pages
Four Sons Publication
ISBN: 9780615468518

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An excerpt from the new book


The Spirit of Kamit among Us

History teaches us that whenever two cultures encounter each other through conquest. The dominant culture usually extracts from the subjugated the more constructive aspects of its culture. As a result, the people who have been subdued will either willingly or by force adopt the dominant culture as their own, while ignoring their cultural significance, but the culture of the subdued will not go quietly. It will continue to survive (even as an afterthought) until its people has no further need of it.  If ever the needs of the subjugated people become so great that the culture of the dominant people cannot and will not provide. The culture or the spirit of the subjugated people will create a deep stirring in the minds of many, in order to meet the needs of its children...

The Kingdom Within

“If a kingdom is divided against itself, it cannot stand.”

- Mark 3:24

By associating our sahu (the lower spirit/subconscious part of our being) with TASETT and our ba (the higher spirit/superconscious part of our being) with KAMTA, we can easily see that our limited knowledge is based upon our outer experience or physical-body conscious.  (TASETT also symbolizes any physical or human institution, hence a type of Babylon).

Limited Experience based upon our Physical-Body Experience

We easily see that divine conscious is unlimited because it is related to our understanding (actually inner-standing) or inner experience, KAMTA therefore symbolizes any spiritual institution, the realm of our ancestors and the higher state of mind.  But, like Kamit, in order for us to prosper both our Lower and Upper Divisions of our Spirit must be united and must work together in harmony.

Unlimited Experience based upon our Experience 
with the Divine and all things Spiritual

Our ab (spiritual heart/ human conscious/ our "soul") is the ruler of both divisions.  Just like the Two Great Lands of Kamit could only be united by one ruler. Our ba and sahu can only be united to work together through our ab.  But our ab remember is not mature. It has to grow, evolve and be strengthened in order to express its true freedom and make wise choices and decisions. Our ab has to learn how to express its freedom by imitating God through the Khepera, Ra, Ra Atum and Amun Ra.


We see that the ab of infants and children (symbolized as Khepera) is the polar opposite of the ab of adults and elders (symbolized as Ra Atum).  The ab of youth, which is totally influenced by what was learned as child, is the polar opposite of the ab of God, the ancestors and other high spiritual beings such as angels. As you may have figured it out already, most people function from the Ra moment on the maa aankh, relying upon their physical senses and what they have learned as children. Instead of learning how to develop and rely upon their Divine senses by moving their ab to the Amun Ra moment.


The Amun Ra moment as you can see relates to our understanding or inner-standing (intuitive faculties). From a psychological perspective our ab evolves based upon observations.  It mirrors the movement of the sun.  It goes through the entire cycle of being born and living.  Then our ab metaphorically dies due to erroneous beliefs, ideas and thoughts, etc. that we have learned earlier in life.  The only way for our ab to be reborn is by learning from our past mistakes and replacing incorrect beliefs, ideas and thoughts, with spiritual truths. This can only be accomplished through Divine/Spiritual means.



Through the maa aankh, we are reminded of our uniqueness amongst all beings and our divinity by seeing that we are a microcosm of the Greater Macrocosm. Since there is no other being like us that exist, because we are the only living beings that were created and given a free will, because we were created in the image of God.  Logically in order to succeed in life, we have to choose God as our role model and learn how to unite our kingdom within. 

How to Get Power through Your Intuition

All is within yourself. Know your most inward self and look for what corresponds with it in nature. 
Kamitic Proverb 

As we have read previously, our sahu (lower spirit/subconscious aspect of our being) consists of our limitations but our ba (higher spirit/superconscious aspect of our being)  is unlimited, which means we can change our life the way we want by initiating change through our ba. If you think of KAMTA as being dark fertile soil, a womb, the night sky, etc. that is full of potential, all that is required is that we learn how to sow seed or our desire, so that it manifests itself physically. This is how we change our paradigm and one of the ways to accomplish this is by using our intuition.

            Before we begin, so that we are all on the same page, let me explain what I mean when I say using our intuition. Intuition means obtaining information by using our inner sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. It is an inner knowing and although the word is commonly used interchangeably with clairvoyance and telepathy.  It is different in the sense of how the information is given and received, whereas telepathy deals with sending information and clairvoyance deals with transferring information that is unknown to an individual. 

            For instance, have you ever thought about a person and suddenly you ran into that individual or got a phone call from them. The reason you became aware of that individual or thing or vice versa, are because everything that exists has the ability to create a signal because it has a lower spirit. That signal (our thought or idea) is transferred to the ba and received through our ka (referred to as our double), which is a division in our sahu that acts as antennae.

To create change using our intuition, we use this ability to see past events and how those events effect the present. But we cannot see is the future because the future has not been written. This is the reason why most psychics and prophesiers can for the most part tell you with an uncanny accuracy. About things going on in the past and events revolving around you presently, but when it comes to the future they are almost always dead wrong. It is because KAMTA is not restricted by time, which means the future has not been determined yet. Since KAMTA is not restricted by time, no one knows what tomorrow will bring because it has not been written. This means the future is not determined by what was done in the past but what is done today in the present.

I learned this the hard way. As I mentioned earlier, I was told by prophesiers that I was supposed to be a preacher, but the thing that use to always get me. Was that these people could never tell me anything exact such as how to go about being a preacher, so this contributed to my disgust about my calling. It also made me develop a bad taste in my mouth about people that prophesized. Over the years, after hearing the same “prophecy” so many times but not given a road map on how to become a preacher or learn my destiny.  It became old and useless news, more like a gimmick, still the subject seem to fascinate me as I became older.

            It wasn’t until some years later, that I met young man who had the gift of sight. That made some pretty good predictions that would come true. At the time, I was quite desperate because I was homeless, unemployed and didn’t have any money at all. So, I decided to get a reading from this young man in order to get a hint as to what I was supposed to do or at least how to get some money. This along with the fact that he was going to give me the reading free of charge, made me put aside my prejudices, and gives it a try.  

At the start of the reading just like it was in B-thriller movies, I was told about the things that had happened in my past.  Next, I was told about the things going on in my life in the present.  Then, when it came to my future, he gave me some very vague instructions because he said he couldn’t see that far ahead. He told me a man is going to ask me to do something and informed me not to do it. What man? He didn’t know. How did the man look? He didn’t know. When was the man going to ask me to do something? He didn’t know.  Who was the man? You guessed it. He didn’t know. Just a man... Now, like I said, I was a guest in this young man’s mother’s house so, when his older brother asked me to get the door because someone was knocking at it. How could I refuse? This is the logical conclusion that the psychic picked up on, that obviously living in another person’s house I was going to answer the door when asked to do so.  At the door were robbers who came in with a double barrel shotgun. Again, how was I supposed to know that this 18-year-old kid was the man that the psychic was talking about in the reading?

            The difference between intuition and psychic ability as you can see is the former deals with an inner knowing, whereas the latter depends upon speculation.  When people claim to see the future they are actually just picking up on the possibilities, which you don’t have to be a psychic to do. This is what the young man who gave me a reading did.  Most news programs make predictions all of the time.  This is the reason why you cannot worry about what might happen, because the future is dependent upon what occurs in the present.

            By developing and working with your intuition, you for the most part go by what you can sense connected around you. When you move your ab to the Amun Ra point you are able to pick up on other peoples’ perceptions and situations by simply tuning into their frequency, because of the dialogue between the ba and sahu. Remember, if your ab is hovering over the TASETT at the Ra moment you would not be able to pick up on other peoples’ perceptions. You like most people would go about your normal day exchanging and receiving thoughts from others but thinking that these thoughts originated from your own mind. It is only because you moved your ab to the Amun Ra moment that you are able to focus or tune into the vibes of others and everything around you.  When you move your ab to the Amun Ra moment under KAMTA, the ba through the khu, takes into account all of the factors that exist in the TASETT (gravity, the individual, who the individual is around, the environment, etc.) in order to obtain the information you desire.  This is how the ba and sahu work together like KAMTA and TASETT.  One of the easiest ways I have found how to understand how to work with your intuition is through the use of oracles. 

            Oracles are tools used to communicate with the Divine and other spiritual beings.  People from various backgrounds have used them all over the world. There is even considerable mention of oracles used throughout the bible. For instance, in Genesis 44:4-5 and 15, Joseph the Dreamer who was considered to be the wisest man in ancient Egypt according to biblical lore, is found to possess a divination vessel that was used to allow one to obtain messages through symbols seen in liquids.  He used this form of divination, a common Kamitic technique called scrying, to interpret dreams in Genesis Chapter 40 and 41, because God according to scripture speaks to human beings through their dreams.

Besides scrying and interpreting dreams there are other forms of divination that are mentioned in the bible as well. Throughout the Old Testament there is mentioned that certain priests had an Urim and Thummim. These are oracles which in Leviticus 16:7-8, the priest used to understand the will of God, which answered yes and no questions according to Deuteronomy 33:8.  In Numbers 27:2, Ezra 2:62-63, and Nehemiah 7:64-65, one can find further use of this oracle.  There is also mention of the use of an oracle in the New Testament as well. In Acts 1:24-26, the eleven apostles cast lots to find a replacement for Judas.  The reason these oracles were used is because it was believed that God did not talk directly to human beings like he did with Abraham, Moses or Jesus. Instead God used signs to communicate His will.

Now, I learned two valuable lessons from that experience with the robbers. The first was that our intuition is a great guide to have because it can definitively protect us from danger. The second lesson was that it does you no good just to follow a hunch just because you got a stroke of inspiration. Some good ole logical reasoning should always support your intuition.

             I say this because as I mentioned before. I was told several times I was supposed to be a preacher when I was younger, but if I had listened to some of these people and just got on the bandwagon to go into the pulpit. Who knows what would have happened without proper knowledge, wisdom and experience. Thankfully, I waited and I know now that God does not reveal something to you that you aren’t prepared to deal with. God knows what you know and what you are ready for. God knows your past and your future.  God would never put you in a situation that you are not prepared to address.  I have learned that when it is meant for you to do something, a path will be laid before you to take.  I have on numerous occasions wanted or needed some help in a particular area of interests and when I stopped stressing about it. I was led to the answer, the solution or to someone who could help me.  So let’s be clear. God is not going to reveal to you how to do open heart surgery if you don’t know anything about how the heart functions.  An excellent example of this can be seen in the HBO film Something The Lord Made, which is about the black cardiac pioneer Vivien Thomas, who in the movie after doing postdoctoral cardiac research. Had a dream, which contributed to Dr. Alfred Blalock procedure for treating blue baby syndrome.

             For this reason, there are three important points that I found one should always keep in mind while developing your intuition and using oracles. The first and most important is that oracles do not and will not tell you what to do. We were given mind so that we can choose to do whatever we want. So any question that begins with “Should I do this or that?” will appear to be an ambiguous question. The response to such a question will yield a doubtful and uncertain answer. If there is something you want to know. Then ask and allow your ba to reveal it to you. You may also want to avoid asking “test” questions.

             The second point to remember is that the key to interpreting any oracle is being able to understand the signs or meaning of the symbols. This means that both your sahu and ba have to be working together. If for instance, you are not focusing on the stock market and you received information on buying stocks that will make you rich. This 99.99% of the time is not coming from your ba but your sahu. Knowing this has helped me out tremendously. As a result, I know that when I am focusing on something but for whatever reason I don’t get the message because I am too tired, not meditating, whatever. The message comes to me in other ways usually through a conversation with someone, while watching television, hearing a message on the radio, etc. I have had complete strangers come up to me and tell me something I needed to hear and later disappear out of my life. It is all because my ba is speaking through them.

             The third point is to always offer a word of thanks for the information you have received.

             Always remember, the answer you receive from any oracle is simply telling you about what resides in your sahu. It is revealing to you what you may not want to hear but need to, that sometimes has nothing to do with the situation you asked about. Again, this is a conversation between you and the Divine, and God does not lie. So, if ever you receive an answer that comes to you intuitively that you know is correct, but you don’t like. Resist the urge to ask, deny and ignore what was revealed to you.

             If you do happen to receive an answer that you do not like, then yell at your sahu.  Tell your sahu what you want now!  This forceful gesture and response will make a strong impression upon your sahu and influence it to work favorably with your ba in yielding better results. 


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