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A Guide to the Kamitic Way for Personal Transformation

The Kamitic philosophers recognized that every man and woman had God within them and that this divine consciousness provided us all with “commonsense”.  Therefore, there was no need to create thousands of laws, which seems to further confuse people.  All people needed, was to learn how to follow the laws of the divine spirit within them.  Learn how to use the 7 codes of Maa (the Egyptian Principles of Maat) to discover your divine purpose, reconnect to your ancestral past, resolve problems with ease, build a relationship with your guardian angel, divine your future using ordinary objects found in nature, and much, much more.

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Kamitic Spirituality: Developing Faith in the Unknown 

Kamitic Spirituality FAQ’s

Chapter 1:  Discovering the Ancient Egyptian Way

Papa and La Manera (The Way)

The Real Revolution Begins Within

Baptized by Fire

The Purpose of the Kamitic Way

What is the Maa Aankh?

Kamta: The Heroic Spiritual Path

Chapter 2: The Kamitic Cosmology

Mapping the Kamitic Universe

Chapter 3:  The Cosmology of the Soul

The Spiritual Anatomy of Man & Woman

The Ba – The Divine Consciousness or Upper Spirit

The Sahu: The Physical Consciousness, Lower Spirit or Flesh

The Ab – The Spiritual Heart, the Human Soul

Spirituality Made Simple and Plain

Reincarnation of the Human Soul

Communicating With Your Personal Guardian Angel

Chapter 4:  The Kamitic Theology

The Story of Osar

The Basis of Kamitic Spirituality

What about Jesus and Kamitic Spirituality?

Maa: The Absolute Truth

Chapter 5:  The Kamitic Spiritual Universe

The Spiritual Universe According to Kardecism

Tarrying for the Spirit

Three Types of Spirits

Netcharu: Archetypical Guardian Spirits

Aakhu: Ancestral Spirits & Spirit Guides

Aapepu: Confused, Misguided, Earthbound Spirits

Creating Sacred Space

Honoring the Aakhu and Netcharu

Your Spiritual Tribunal

Chapter 6:  Finding the Truth and Your Truth

Guilt: The Greatest Kamitic Sin

Understanding the Maa and Your Personal Maa

Removing Guilt

The Seven Codes of Maa: Kamitic Ethics

Code #1: Maa is Truth & Is Based Upon Perspective

Code #2: Maa is Balance & Is Limited By the Mind

Code #3: Maa is Harmony & Becomes What Attention is Focused On

Code #4: Maa is Justice & Doing what is Right, Right Now

Code #5: Maa is Love & Love is Exchange

Code #6: Maa is Order & Not Coincidence

Code #7: Maa is Propriety & Doing What is Relevant

Chapter 7: The Kamitic Prayer Room

Getting into the Spirit

The Purpose of a Ceremony and Ritual

Power Symbols

Guardian Spirit Technique

Osar, Guardian of Peace

Oset, Guardian of Change

Hru, Guardian of Justice and True Heir to the Throne

Djahuti, Guardian of Divination

Nebhet, Guardian of Beauty and Sensuality

Npu, Kamitic Guardian of the Crossroads

Hruaakhuti, Guardian of Iron

Maat, Guardian of the Maa

Sokar, Guardian of Illnesses and Infirmities

Chapter 8:  The Kamitic Tablet Oracle

The Purpose of Divination

The Kamitic Tablets

Chapter 9:  In Its Season the Divine Clock

Daily Living According to the Maa Aankh

Celebrating with the Maa Aankh All Year Around

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Kamitic Spirituality: Developing Faith in the Unknown

It has been said that we are spiritual beings within a physical vessel. Just about every religious order believes this to some extent, but when most of us as children began displaying “extra” ordinary feats that connect us to the spiritual realm, such as seeing angels, and spirits or having premonitions of future events. Most of us as children are criticized, chastised and discouraged by our loved ones from using these normal abilities, because it is deemed as being unacceptable behavior by society.  So most of us learn to suppress these spiritual abilities, as some of us learn to view these abilities as talents.  While the remaining few because of lack of proper training grow up delusional or mentally unstable.

As a result, we grow up idolizing those individuals (either in fiction or non-fiction) that can perform spiritual feats as a savior, believing that they are superior to us. When in truth, the only reason why these individual can perform these extra ordinary feats is because they have learned how to train their mind.

 It doesn’t dawn us what has been done until we begin to see that our universe is composed of a physical and spiritual (non-physical) reality, which means in short that physical things can’t bring us peace, happiness, love, etc.  In order to acquire these non-physical things we need to go about obtaining them through spiritual means. To help us connect back to the Divine what we were before our indoctrination, but the cycle repeats itself because, no one ever tells us.  That all of these “extra” ordinary feats such as the ability to interact with non-physical entities, foretell the future, etc. is due to the power of the mind.


 Kamitic Spirituality FAQ’s 

 Since Kamitic spirituality (like most African derived traditions) is an oral and very syncretistic tradition.  There were no texts written explaining how to practice this unique spirituality.  The best way to learn this tradition has been through religious syncretism. As a result, it is common to see comparisons drawn between the Kamitic mysteries and the pantheons of similar cultures. Although, there are specific rules, there are some guidelines that must be followed:  

  • There is only One Almighty God in the Kamitic spirituality and the Divine’s name is Nebertcher, which means “The Lord of All Things,” who is the Creator of All Things. The generic name for Nebertcher is Netcher.
  • Amun (Amen) Ra, Ra, Khepera, Ra Atum, etc. are not gods nor are they names for the God they are simply attributes of Nebertcher. 
  • The Power of God or Spirit of Nebertcher is called Rau – the Divine Life Force, which is similar in many ways to the Chinese Chi and the Yoruba Ashe. 
  • The Kamitic people never worshipped the sun, Atun (Aten); they emulated or made it a major part of their paradigm.   
  • The ancestors and archetypal ancestors were not worshipped but were highly revered and honored like Catholic saints.  
  • In Kamitic spirituality, God does not fight the devil because there is no equal to Nebertcher.    
  • The devil in Kamitic spirituality is not some impish creature running around terrorizing humanity. The devil is called Set and it is a real chaotic energy that fights for control over man and woman’s soul.  
  • In order to practice Kamitic spirituality you have to live your life according to the concepts and principles of Maa.  
  • In Kamitic spirituality the soul is seen as the immortal part of the human being and when an individual dies, it is the soul that survives death.  
  • The soul after death does not go to an eternal heaven or hell, because there is no ethereal heaven or a burning pit of fire called hell in Kamitic belief. There is however a higher and lower spiritual realm that exists.   
  • The higher spiritual realm is where all of our ancestors and spirit guides reside because they learned self-control and self-discipline in life enabling them to be ethical, moral and model citizens for the community. The lower spiritual realm is where all confused, misguided and lost souls reside due to lack of self-control.    
  • Good behavior does not guarantee that you will ascend to the higher spiritual realms and become an ancestor.  In order to ascend to the higher spiritual realms or become an ancestor, one must exercise self – control, self – discipline and self – mastery in life.  In other words, to become an ancestor in death one has to live like an ancestor in life. This is where the idea of striving to be Christ-like stems from.  
  • If an individual has no peace of mind (shame, guilt, heavy heart, etc.) in life because they lived a perverted life ruled by the deviations of Maa (drug abuse, food abuse, sexual perversion, substance abuse, etc.). They will not have peace of mind in death, because one’s death is a reflection of the life they lived. The same way you are treated in life is the same way you will be treated in death. If you are ostracized in life because you are involved in immoral, unethical, dangerous and destructive activities and behavior. Your ancestors will ostracize you in death for the same reason, because in essence you are ruled by Set, the Kamitic devil.  
  • The objective is to strive to become an ancestor in life, so you can reside with the community of ancestors.   The way to do this is by working with your ancestors and archetypal ancestors namely Osar.  
  • We are therefore, spiritual beings incarnated into physical bodies in order to learn spiritual lessons to strengthen the community of ancestors. We are like hunters going into the wild (physical realm) in search of food. 

The Spiritual Universe According to the Maa Aankh
(Please note that the maa aankh is upside down)

Code #1: Maa is Truth & Is Based Upon Perspective

In the West, most people believe that Truth can be found in books, so we study religion, mysticism, metaphysics, philosophy, etc. in search of the Absolute Truth, so that we can make sense of the world around us. Some of us will even blindly follow in the footsteps of others because no one has told us. That the Absolute Truth does not exist in a book, it is what we make it. This is a little hard to understand because it is assumed that one solution should address us all, but we are different. 

We are all unique in our own way because we have different backgrounds and have had different experiences. Our uniqueness means that we have been created for a specific purpose that is only known to God.  Some of us were created to be educators, some engineers, some musicians, and some physicians and so on. We all have our own individual purposes and in order to accomplish our destinies there are certain life experiences that we need. Some of us need to fall from grace in order for us to see the beauty of the Divine, while others have to rise from the streets to affluence in order to see the Divine. We are all unique beings and we all have different needs, so what makes people think that we are all supposed to have the same beliefs, creed, affiliations, etc. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for another the exact same way. Truth is all about perspective. Absolute truth is whatever works to bring you into the fold of the Divine.  If it brings you eternal peace and eternal happiness, then it is truth for you because it works for you. Note however, that I said eternal peace and eternal happiness, which can only come from the Divine.

What You Need to Remember to work the Rau #1: 
See the Drinking Gourd as Half Empty or Half Full

      This is a lesson I learned from reading and studying the life of the Civil Rights leader Malcolm X.  Malcolm X it should be remembered was able to do God’s will because of Islam. This is why it is said that every religion has a piece of the Absolute Truth. So everything that we do will lead us to heaven either directly or indirectly, because it comes from God. Eventually scientist in their quest to understand the universe will too find God. Their atheistic perspective is needed in order for them to make the discoveries that they have made thus far. Nothing happens by coincidence, so it is important when working the Spirit not to take anything that you can see physically as being Absolute Truth. Look beyond the physical and learn to see the flip side of every situation. This will give you a great advantage in life because it will allow you to focus all the time on solutions and not the problems, thus making you a co-creator of life. 

     Note I didn’t say you weren’t supposed to acknowledge that problems exist. Yes, acknowledge it but afterwards move on.  Sitting around dwelling and sulking on how a problem occurred or illness happened only gives more energy to the problem at hand. Remember, it is your thoughts that spark your emotions, which motivates your actions and behaviors. So, the more you think about a problem, an illness, or whatever troubles you. The larger it becomes and harder it will be for you to find a solution to it.

      So decide right now to either see the glass or drinking gourd as being half empty or half full. Because this world – TASETT – is never going to give you everything you want or need. Life has never been fair and it will never be so long as you put your stake in what you can physically see. You have to learn to put your faith in the invisible and know that all that you desire will come to past when you change your perspective and focus your attention on your goal. 

Annual Observation with the Maa Aankh

Understanding the Maa and Your Personal Maa

 Truth in the Kamitic language is Maa, which as we saw in previous chapters means “truth, balance, order, justice, righteousness, and law,” but it also “means to see” and “to measure.” The Kamitic philosophers defined the Absolute Truth as Maa because they understood that the Truth is objective meaning the Absolute Truth is not influenced by an individual’s feelings or opinions. It is based upon facts.  To understand this position it must be acknowledge that we all have different affiliations, backgrounds, different experiences and thereby different beliefs.  It is these differences that we all have, which makes us unique but it also creates confusions among ourselves because it is hard for us to agree upon the same thing. What may be good for one person may be bad for another because of an individual’s cognizance.  Take for instance the concept of death. We all know that regardless of our belief, culture, etc. that everything physically dies. This is a truth that no one can dispute. What happens after death, do we go to heaven, purgatory or hell? Do we wait for judgment, etc. are all related to one’s personal beliefs, understandings, ideas and experience? So, in order to have truth there has to be something that we can all agree upon all the time, anytime and everywhere.  When we can all agree upon the same thing, regardless of our affiliations, background, etc. We have a law, a balanced equation based upon observing cause and effects, the Truth or Maa.

For instance, an apple thrown into the sky falls back down to the ground because of gravity. It doesn’t matter where on the planet we throw an apple or anything up in the sky. It will come back down because of the law of gravity. This is Maa. The fact that we all need oxygen in order to breathe and live and on the planet, and the same air that fills our lungs also fills the lungs of animals, our family, friends and even our adversary. Is a proven fact that God is not bias and doesn’t favor one over another. This is Maa, but as you can see it takes some maturity to be able to truly understand the reasoning.

There is the Maa, which is the Absolute Truth, which is on the maa aankh, and then there is the maa – one’s balance, personal truth or way. The difference between the two is that the latter pertains to one’s personal cognizance. One’s maa is as Papa told me is their la manera or what works for them based upon their experience.  For this reason, one’s maa is spelled in lowercase to make the distinction between one’s personal truth and Maa – the Truth. When someone tells you that they are telling the truth you have to determine are they telling you about their maa or the Maa. If they say “That everything that goes up must come down,” this is Maa, but if they say, “You have to belong to this group, in order to get something accomplished.” You know that they are speaking from their opinion. Usually, you can tell when someone is telling you their opinion because you will hear the word “I”.

 Sin then is anything that perverts your ab awareness.  This is why every tradition has a set of principles that are taught to help people understand the power of God and how to work with it constructively.  Unfortunately, as stated previously the lack of spiritual sciences has led many people to believe that these principles are supposed to be a set of rules that dictate what you can and cannot do. If you obey the rules then it is believed that God will reward you. If disobey these rules or sin you will be punished by God.  This is nonsense. The commandment should read, “(Ideally) thou shalt not kill” not saying that you cannot and will never kill, because technically speaking.  If you eat vegetables, meat or grains, you have killed. If you chopped down wood to build a house, you have killed. Can you see and feel the difference?  When you adopt a different perspective and see everything as being a living being. It gives you a greater awareness, but it also makes you more conscientious about your actions and behaviors. If you see this congratulation, you have just stepped on the Maa.

 I hope by now you see that God is not a cruel and tyrannical Deity.  God does not reward or punish anyone.  All undesirable experiences are the consequences of actions and reactions and not because God is punishing you.  This is why the Maa is symbolized on the vertical line on the maa aankh.  You will notice that the maa connects the Ra above and Amun Ra below together, because it is all about Cause and Effect and remaining in balance.  People who don’t understand this and believe that God is a vengeful Deity have no experience with meditative practices and don’t understand the Alpha state of trance. In fact, most of the evil that is done in this world is by people whose ab is at the Ra moment of the maa aankh.  The Ra moment you will recall from my experience is the point of adventure and when trouble starts, because our awareness is extroverted at a highly active and emotional state.  Later, we will see that this particular moment corresponds to the archetype Set, the Kamitic devil.

Spiritual principles were created for those who want to improve their life by shifting their ab awareness to their ba and away from the sahu, to create miraculous change.  To do this we must first learn how to rid our ab of stain of guilt and remorse. 

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