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Finding God the Afro-American Spiritual Way,
by Honoring the Ancestors and Guardian Spirits

Are you made in the image of God?

According to Genesis 1:26 we all are but, when crack cocaine first hit the streets of North America in the mid–1980s, and devastated the Black and Latino communities throughout the country. By claiming the lives of young males between the ages of 14 and 21 due to crack cocaine related crimes. Derric Moore who lost his faith in God because of religious dogma, politics and lack of spiritual training, shares how after experiencing spiritual abuse, poverty, homeless and later being diagnosed with the debilitating disease lupus. He found his divinity by appealing to God and mysteriously receiving instructions from his ancestors and guardian spirits in a vision, which led him to discovering a spiritual system called the Maa Aankh. By applying the Maa Aankh to his life, which is similar to the Judeo-Christian Kabala and the Native American Medicine Wheel, but is based upon the Ancient Egyptian philosophy and the West – Central African Bantu Kongo Cross. Moore was able to overcome his generational curse, financial woes, and illness and greatly improve his life overall. Based upon the author’s personal experience in finding God, the MAA AANKH is an invaluable tool that helps those who are tired of searching for answers, tired of feeling powerless and tired of living in fear of their past. So, if you are ready for change, learn how you can find meaning in your life and the power to change anything you don’t like by discovering God within.

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Part 1: The Search for God
What a Time You Chose to Be Born
Buckin’ the Old Way
Egypt the Mysterious Light of the East
One Miracle at a Time
Lessons from Martin L. King & Malcolm X
Learning about the Supreme
College Days
Tasha and Tiffany
Losing Sight of the Prize

Part 2:  Discovering the Spiritual Path
Breaking Spiritual Ground
The Philadelphia Experience
A Real Spiritual Momma
Hittin’ Rock Bottom
Florida Sunshine Blues
A Brief Walk with a Cuban Saint
The Candle Shop Visit

Part 3: Learning to Walk On My Own
In the Strange Land of Oz
Help from a Lil’ Cuban Saint
Iya and the Calling
My Friend, Best Friend, Girlfriend & Wife
Trying to Understand this Quest
The White Man’s Religion Myth
Vodu, Gris-Gris and the Louisiana Purchase
The Influences of Spiritism and Spiritualism
The Holiness and Pentecostalism Influences
Religious Syncretism in North America
Why I Left the Church
Why Ancient Kamit?

Part 4: Born Again
Crossing Over to the Other Side
The AAKHU: Ancestral Spirits
The Ancestors Speak
Ancestral Healing
Luck, Growth and Healing from the Dead
The Story of RA and Oset
The Kamitic Holy Ghost
Discovering more Hidden Hands
The Maa Aankh
The Story of Osar
The Power of Whiteness
What Cha Goin’ to Do?

Part 5: Becoming a Vessel for God
Accepting That He Will Work It Out
Esoteric Understanding of Ancient Kamit
Chillout Baby
Netcharu: The Inhabitants of KAMTA
Aapepu: The Inhabitants of TASETT
Trying the Spirit
Assistance from Npu
The Battle Has Just Begun Baby
A Visit from the King of Whiteness
Two Eyes Are Better Than One
Who Called Me?

Appendix A:  
Making Maa Aankh With The AAKHU & Netcharu

Appendix B: 
The 42 Declarations of Maa

Appendix C: 
The Precious Blood of the Ram (Lamb)

Appendix D: 

Appendix E: 
Glossary of Terms

Appendix F:  
Selected Bibliography & Recommended Reading



There is nothing more heartbreaking, disturbing, upsetting and discouraging than not knowing where you are supposed to go, who you are supposed to be or, what’s the purpose of your life. This lack of self-direction and self-understanding quiet, as a kept is a serious problem because when you don’t know the answer to any of these questions. It can lead you down a path resulting in all sorts of health problems. Not to mention making choices and decisions that one will regret later on.

            Without a clear picture of who we are, what we are doing here, what we are supposed to do or any explanation into the subject. It is hard for us to adjust and make changes when things go awry. We then view every trial, tribulation, obstacle and problem that occurs, from a destructive purpose as if some great force is plotting to destroy us. We even go so far as to believing that there is no hope and no God that cares for us.

            Fortunately, we are not the first that have traveled down the road of self-discovery. There are numerous people before us that have felt the same way and understood. That even though God is omnipotent and the source of everything, God is not in control of everything.  God doesn’t stop us from putting a cigarette in our mouth or drinking alcoholic beverages excessively.  Some things man and woman have to learn how to do for themselves and just praying for peace, patience, self-control, anger management, a successful marriage, etc. is not enough.  Something else had to be done, so these people that walked before us on the road to self-discovery discovered a better way and they left signs along the way or road maps as they traveled to find God, to help others to find where they were supposed to be in life as well.

Discovering more Hidden Hands 

            Both of my grandparents lived good full lives.  Then, my grandfather passed away and a year later my grandmother followed. Both my grandparents were well loved and when she passed away.  People from all over the state of Michigan (and country) came to pay their respect.  Unlike most funerals, that I attended (especially where the deceased dies at a young age), my grandmother’s funeral was not a somber event full of gloom, but a jovial event. The choir tried to sing somber and soothing gospels songs to comfort the family and guest, but the tempo would always change and it would turn into a spiritual party. This explains the reason why it wasn’t even called a funeral but a “home going celebration”.

That’s when it happened. While following the Spirit and allowing it to guide me, one day out of the blue I was led to look at my late grandmother’s obituary that had passed a year after meeting my wife.  

      My grandmother, my mother’s mother, the one that approved of my wife, was a strong and loving woman that was married to my grandfather for over 60 years, who passed away a year before her.  My grandmother loved children and between her and my grandfather the two of them they had nine children, two adopted children and not to mention the children that would come to the house from their church or the neighborhood to play with their own.  People loved my grandparents because they were God-fearing, hardworking people that established a standard based upon the old ways. It was because of this standard they were both looked upon and treated in our family as royalty. To give you an example, unless they were participating in a conversation, when they spoke everyone literally was quiet. This is how all the elders in our family were treated. Another thing that I noticed about my family because of my grandparents is that we didn’t have a large number of divorces and infidelity issues because there was something that my grandparents instilled within their children and grandchildren that for the most part curtailed that behavior.   

         Now, there were a lot of traditions that my family practiced and were passed down to succeeding generations, which I later learned was not created by them.  Some of these traditions were created or at least given to my grandparents from my great-grandparents whom I had the pleasure of meeting before they passed. But there were a lot of other cultural traditions that were in practiced before them and clearly came from someone else I had never known.

       As I looked at the photo of her on the obituary and began thinking about some of the experiences I shared with her.  I noticed that beneath my grandmother’s photo it read Sunrise: (Her birth date) and Sunset: (The day of her death).

            Now, I had looked at this obituary several times before but I never noticed that it said that. That’s when a familiar voice that I hadn’t heard for years spoke to me and revealed that if a person outside of our culture saw this obituary they would jump to the conclusion that we, black folks were worshipping the sun.   

            I am not sure if my grandmother’s spirit was the one that showed me this or not but the fact that I had a fond memory of her and was directed to her obituary continued to verify for me the old African belief, that our loved ones are not dead but continue to exist as a spirit. As spirits or ancestral spirits, they still take an interest in the lives of their descendants that they left behind. I imagined my grandmother smiling and looking at me over my shoulders, which verified to me that my grandmother was definitely was a aakhu (ancestral spirit guide) that was watching over me.

            At that moment, things began to instantly clear up because I began to see the common misconception held and publicized by Egyptologists, archeologists and all other authors that claimed that the ancient Kamitic people worshipped the sun. Simply put these western scholars just didn’t know how to interpret what our people did because it was and still is a foreign concept to most of them.

            The equating one’s life to the sun was not something that the people in the church my grandparents attended created. It was created thousands of years ago.  The concept that most Afro-Americans are familiar with I learned came from the Kongo-Angolan region during slavery and was called the Yowa Cross.  

Kongo Yowa Cross

 The Yowa Cross also called the Dikenga, Tendwa Nza Kongo and the Kongo Cross, according to Robert Farris Thompson author of Flash of the Spirit: African and Afro-American Art and Philosophy was a simple diagram predating Christianity that showed the evolution of the soul. The horizontal line of the cross is believed to be the dividing line between the mountain of the living (above) and their polar opposite the mountain of the dead (below). The mountain of the living is called ntoto (earth) and the mountain of the dead is called mpemba (white clay), which is believed to be resting under the body of water symbolized as the horizontal line called kalunga. In fact, in some interpretations the whole bottom half of the cosmogram is referred to as kalunga to signify that the land of the dead is complete, whole in regards to understanding the both sides in the cycle of life.

            The discs surrounding the Kongo cosmogram (from right to left) are the sunrise, midday, sunset and midnight (when the sun is believed to be shining on the other side) and the four stages of life – birth, growth, death and rebirth, thus indicating in the Kongo belief.  That the righteous will never truly die but will be reborn like the sun either in the body or name of their descendant or as an everlasting spirit of nature called a simbi, which I learned from Papa Raúl is the equivalent to a Christian saint.

            Then I began to remember that in the Story of RA and Oset When RA was asked what his true name is he responded by saying,”I have a multitude of names and a multitude of forms”. It was in this response, I noticed that the ancient Kamitic people used the word “RA” as a prefix and suffix to create words, names and places like Auf RA, RA-Ptah, KhafRA, MenkauRA, Asr RA, Khnemu-RA, similar to the way the ancient Hebrews used the word “el” to create words, names and places like EL-Shaddai, EL-ohim, EL-Olam, ang-EL, Rapha-EL, Micha-EL, Gabri-EL, and Isra-EL (Israel).

            When I looked up the word/name “el”, I found that it roughly translates to mean “might, strength, action, work and power” and was used to signify the true God of Israel.  Exactly like the ancient Kamitic word “RA” which means, “To do, act, action, power, the act of working, etc.” and was made into a pronoun to become RA. When I found that the Ancient Semitic name EL - Ro'I or El Rohi (The God of Seeing – meaning we rely upon God to help us to humble ourselves by allowing us to see our faults and weaknesses because God is our shepherd) was phonetically and etymologically simlilar to RA, that’s when I realized.  That the ancient Hebrews borrowed this concept and practice of using El as a prefix and suffix from the ancient Kamitic people because the latter were older and had a far longer history of using this exercise.  This meant that the Hebrew El was the Kamitic version of RA. 

            That’s when it became crystal clear, that if I was able to see this connection.  I am sure that archeologists, Egyptologists and other Western scholars including theologians could have found this as well and either they chose to ignore it, or totally disregard it in order to continue to perpetuate the myth that the ancient Kamitic people (and all people of color) worshipped deities, idols, animals and other things like the sun.

            Then I remembered the various testimonies that were given at the church of my youth. The people that testified made claims of how they were able to accomplish miraculous things because of the power of the Holy Ghost that they had within them. The Holy Ghost, which they claimed is “like fire shut up in their bones”, gave them according to Galatians 5:22-23 “…joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control”. Other gifts of the Holy Spirit I remember were generosity, modesty, chastity, and patience. As well as the ability to exorcise evil spirits, see angels/demons, perform miracles and speak in tongues.

Divisions of the Spirit            

      What makes man and woman different from the animals is that we have an Ab, which is number 5 and corresponds to “True” Power. In other words, man and woman have a Power that animals do not have and that power is the power of choice. It is because of man and woman’s power of choice or free will that we can choose to live like an animal or live like a god or goddess. In order for us to live like a god or goddess we have to access the higher divisions of our spirit. It is because of our Ab that when our loved ones die we wish them peace in the afterlife, because we sense that there is something else after death. It is our Ab that makes us feel guilty for committing a crime because we can sense that we are harming others by our ill actions.

The Divisions of the Spirit

of the Spirit

Esoteric Level
of the Spirit

of Osar

Khab (9)

Khabit (8)

Sahu (7)

Ka (6)

Lower Divisions, Lower Level of the Spirit, Lower Kamit -(limited possibilites)


(Set-an, Setanel, the Devil, devils, ghost, etc.)


Ab (5)

Four Moments of the Sun

Amun RA, KhepeRA, RA and RA Atum

(Son of Osar
, Child of God)

Ren (4)

Shekhem (3)

Khu (2)

Ba (1)

Upper Divisions, Upper Level of the Spirit, Upper Kamit – unlimited possibilities


(The Ancestors, Jesus Christ, Guardian Angels, etc.)

Divisions of the Spirit and the Maa Aankh

            When we do what is correct, it is our Ab that gives us the feeling that we will be justly rewarded or that justice will be served. All of this is because the Ab division of our spirit gives us the power to be whatever we choose to be. The Ab division of the spirit, standing in between the nine divisions, is what makes man and woman unique. When an individual decides to live and do what is right based upon my new understanding of Mathematics, that’s when they gain access to the higher divisions of the spirit, numbers 1-4.

            So, to simplify matters, the Ab division of the Spirit, which corresponds to number 5 gives man and woman the power, freedom and right to choose to either function from divisions 1-4 or 6-9[1]. Divisions 1-4 (Ba, Khu, Shekhem and Ren), from my understanding, became known as the Upper Divisions, Upper Level of the Spirit, and eventually Upper Kamit or the Black Lands[2] –KAMTA (signifying that it is a mystery). While divisions 6-9 (Ka, Sahu, Khabit and Khab) became known as the Lower Divisions, Lower Level of the Spirit and eventually the Red Lands –TASETT (to indicate that it is mundane).

[1] Keeping in mind that 10 correspond to the physical realm.

[2] The Black Lands are the fertile lands of our ancient ancestors. 



Maa Aankh by Derric Moore is like nothing you've read before. Memoir, History, Philosophy, Sociology, Jeremiad, Manifesto and Spiritual Quest, its all these and more. This is a Sacred Text that refuses to fit into preconceived boundaries. It is a Revelation. Not only that, it is a timely revelation. A book for our times and a book for the ages. Derric Moore has poured his heart and soul into this work. What makes it so profoundly rewarding is that it is a work of high concept told in an easily approached and digested voice. It s as if a friend were standing there talking to you. You find yourself immersed and by the end of this text, transformed. This work is magical, this work is real. The accessibility allows Derric Moore, in his manifestation as Rau Khu, to explore concepts that would otherwise be daunting to both the initiated and the lay reader. They will all enjoy reading this work; they will all find threads of illumination and wonder. If you don t buy but one book for your spiritual library this is it. His account of his spiritual quest is at the same time both familiar and unique. From his first stumbling steps in understanding through the lessons inherent in a crippling struggle with lupus to a full grown cosmology, the reader is taken on a journey that weaves the threads of his quest into a cosmic cloth. This is the work of an original thinker. It is a personal vision grounded in both Egyptian theology and Afrospiritual thought and practice but what makes this work special is a love for humanity that shines through every word. This is the real thing, timeless knowledge told through the struggle of a unique soul grown deep through both victories and defeats. It is difficult to acknowledge evolved souls in our lifetime, but in this work we see that each generation produces its own. So often works like this are pretentious and overwrought, written by souls and writers not up to the task. This work will satisfy the most demanding reader, the most accomplished seeker. This is the real thing. This is Sacred Literature.

Source: Arthur Flowers author of Mojo Rising: Confessions of a 21st Century Conjureman

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