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Discovering the Power of I AM Using Shamanic Principles of Ancient Egypt for Self-Empowerment and Personal Development

After learning that early African Americans in the Antebellum South followed the Kongo Cross, which the author used to discover the Maa Aankh, an Egyptian-style medicine wheel. Using this diagram as a guide revealed that the familiar physical reality we live in is limited, but beyond our five physical senses is a rich and unlimited spiritual dimension. Everything we desire – peace, prosperity, success, love, joy – can be found in this spiritual realm, because they are ethereal in nature. Most people have a problem obtaining these goals because they allow themselves to become disconnected from their Source. But, by learning how to stay connected to this invisible reality, you can overcome the physical problems you face. Included are practical exercises based upon shamanic traditions that will help you break away from the destructive beliefs and habits that disconnect you from the Source. As well as spiritual practices and rites that will help you maintain the connection to create the life that you want and deserve.

Paperback: 226 pages
Four Sons Publications 2012  
ISBN-13: 978-0985506711

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Chapter 1:  Exploring Kamta

Our Purpose in Life

Beauty in Simplicity

Exercise 1: Issuing Commands to the Universe

Chapter 2:  Who is the Great I AM?

Rau: The Divine POWER of I AM

Who Are We?

Exercise 2:  Interpreting Universal Signs

Chapter 3:  Exploring the Three Aspects of Our Awareness

The Ba: Our Divine Spark Within

The Sahu and Our Garment

The Ab and the Human Soul

Exercise 3:  How to Begin to Cleanse the Soul

Chapter 4:  How to Defeat the Enemy

Exploring the Sahu Further

Heaven & Hell Is a State Of Mind

Exercise 4:  How to Recognize Divine Signs

Chapter 5:  The Three Paths to Ultimate Power

Path of the Deshret Crown: POWER by Struggle & Spirituality

Path of the Hedjet Crown:  POWER by Consequence & Mysticism

Path of the Pschent Crown:  POWER by Resolve & Miracles

We Are All Called

Exercise 5:  How to Accept the Call

Chapter 6:  Obtaining Power over Evil

Children of Osar versus the Casualties of Set

The Spiritual Wickedness in High Places

Exercise 6:  How to Create a Pschent Talisman

Chapter 7:  Creating a Magical Way of Life

The Seven Divine Abilities

The Gods Were People Too!

Working the Kamitic Faith

Exercise 7:  Creating Sacred Space for You Guardian Spirits

Appendix A: Suggested Practices

Appendix B: Selected Bibliography


Our Purpose in Life


…Managing tefnut and shu in our daily life is an everyday affair. Since both forces are needed in order to maintain the Circle of Life, whenever either one of these two forces becomes too polarized it creates imbalance. Therefore, by seeing the KAMTA and TASETT relationship in everything we are able to maintain order in our life. For instance, imagine if you are in a heated discussion that takes a turn and becomes an argument. Usually, when we are in this situation where we hear another arguing with us. We naturally tend to become annoyed, agitated, restless and stressed because the situation is hot, full of active energy, vibrant emotions, and full of shu energy. If you give into the annoyance, agitation or stress and respond by arguing with the individual, you have just caused the whole situation to tip towards TASETT, thus creating an imbalance, which could possibly lead to a fight. 

     By staying calm and silent instead of offering a rebuttal, you have just imbued the heated situation with cooling tefnut energies, thus creating balance returning back to KAMTA. As a result, the possible fight that was soon to erupt has been defused.


Red Deshret Crown White Hedjet Crown

     Aggression and physical force are needed in order to survive in this physical world, but passive and spiritual forces are needed to live a happy and peaceful life. So, the red Deshret crown is used to symbolize TASETT, while the white Hedjet[1] crown is used to symbolize KAMTA.

     Historically, TASETT was the Old Kingdom name of Lower Kamit, and KAMTA was the Old Kingdom name of Upper Kamit. When the two crowns were worn together, they formed one single crown called the Pschent crown symbolizing the unification of Ancient Egypt. 

On the Edge of Two Worlds

Metaphorically speaking KAMTA symbolizes the higher self or higher division of our spirit, while TASETT symbolizes the lower self or lower division of our spirit.  When both crowns were worn as one, they symbolized the unification of kingdom (higher and lower divisions of our spirit or self) within and our ability to live in harmony with nature, which is very similar to the Chinese yang and yin symbol. 

Red & White Pschent Crown and Yang and Yin Symbol

Our objective in life is to learn how to unify and maintain the unity of our kingdom by tapping into the higher or upper division of our spirit, hence the name of the tradition, Kamta. 

 [1] The white Hedjet crown was also known as the crown of Narmer, the first ruler to unify Kamit. 

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