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What is Maa Aankh? 

The word Maa Aankh is composed of the Kamitic (Ancient Egyptian) words maa meaning “balance, order, reciprocity, righteousness, truth, sight, etc.” and aankh, which means, “eternal life,” and “to swear an oath.” Thus, depending upon the content and its use, it has a number of meanings, such as "balance life", "orderly/holistic living" or "righteous living." But for short it refers to a Kamitic cosmogram that can be simply translated as, “to swear an oath to live truth.” 


In our day-to-day life, sometimes we forget that we are unique spiritual beings with a soul, inside a physical body, created by the Most High who is the Source of All Things. As a result, we identify with our ego instead of the Divine dwelling within our being, which leads us to pursue happiness, peace of mind, health, wealth, etc. from external means. Instead of returning back to the Source, since these qualities are all ethereal in nature in the first place. 


The maa aankh cosmogram is therefore an ancient, yet new paradigm based upon predynastic Kamitic culture and their shamanistic Way of Life. The maa aankh gives a whole new way of looking at the world by focusing first and foremost on the Divine within you, which will help you to see the interconnectedness and Divine in others.  

The Ancient Egyptian Mystery Decoded  

Where did the Maa Aankh come from you ask? Well, I have always been fascinated with other people’s spiritual traditions, but when it came to learning about my own. I didn’t know much because I had been told that African Americans lost all of their culture due to slavery. Fortunately, I discovered that this was not totally accurate because a number of early African Americans who were familiar with the Christian faith, had already begun preserving their cultural practices using a cosmogram called the Kongo Cross. What African Americans lost however, was the original philosophy behind many of the cultural practices and colonialism in Africa made it virtually impossible of ever retrieving this original system. Thankfully, although the Kongo Cross has nothing to do with Christianity, it overlaps the Christian idea, but stretches beyond West Central Africa all the way back to the shamanic culture of pre-dynastic Kamit (Ancient Egypt). Specifically, the Legend of Ra and Oset (Isis). 


Most archeologists missed this point because for years they have misinterpreted the Kamitic texts by stating that the people worshipped the sun, incorrectly called Ra. Consequently, this has led many people to assume for years that Ra and the numerous variants were gods. But, when it is understood that Ra symbolized the Divine Light referring to divine power and consciousness. It becomes clear that chaos, evil and all of the negative aspects of humanity is due to spiritual ignorance because we are not connected to the Divine. The purpose of the Maa Aankh is therefore to help us stay connected to our Creator.